XXXII SCAR and Open Science Conference will be held in Portland, OR, USA from July 13-25, 2012


logo-xxxii-scarXXXII SCAR (Scientific Community on Antarctic Research) and Open Science Conference will take place in Portland, OR, USA from July 13-25, 2012. SCAR is responsible for initiating, developing, and coordinating high quality international scientific research in the Antarctic and providing independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System.

This conference might serve as a possible “Policy Project” for IACPES participants. IACPES graduate students must complete a policy project requirement. The purpose of this training element is to encourage students to think beyond the science, to expose students to a network of government policy contacts, and to provide future opportunities to those students who might find a niche in the science/policy/management arena, an area that is desperately in need of scientifically trained individuals with proper communication skills.