Al Scott

Dr. Al Scott, Project Scientist, COMDEV International, Cambridge, Ont. – Spectroscopy and satellite instrumentation

Andreas Wahner

Dr. Andreas Wahner, Director, Juelich, Germany, Institute fuer Chemie und Dynamik der Geosphare – Atmospheric chemistry & physics

Anna Hocking

Dr. Anna Hocking (President and CEO), Mardoc Inc., London Ont. – Development of atmospheric radars

Bill Morrow

Dr. Bill Morrow, President, Resonance Ltd., Barrie, Ont. – Electrooptics products for earth & space

David Sills

Dr. David Sills, Research Scientist, Cloud Physics & Severe Weather, Environment Canada – Meteorology, radar, severe weather

David Tarasick

Dr. Dave Tarasick, Research Scientist, Experimental Studies Section, Environment Canada – Vertical ozone distributions

Jeff Brook

Dr. Jeff Brook, Research Scientist, AQRD, Environment Canada – Health effects of air pollution

Josh Lelieveld

Prof. Jos Lelieveld, Spokesperson, IMPRS – Max Planck Institute, Germany – Atmospheric physics and chemistry

Nick Karellas

Dr. Nick Karellas, Research Scientist, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch, OME – Air quality, measurements

Paul Makar

Dr. Paul Makar, Research Scientist, Modelling & Integration Section, Environment Canada – Air quality modeling

Peter Steer

Peter Steer, Senior Policy Analyst, Health Dept. Regional Municipality of Halton – Health policy

Ralf Koppmann

Prof. Dr. Ralf Koppmann, Physics, Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal – Atmospheric physics

Richard Leaitch

Dr. Richard Leaitch, Climate and Cloud Processes, Environment Canada – Cloud/aerosol physics

Shao-Meng Li

Dr. Shao-Meng Li, Research Scientist, Processes Research Section, Environment Canada; Adjunct Professor, York University, CAC – Aerosol chemistry

Steven S. Brown

Dr. Steven S. Brown, Research Chemistry, Chemical Sciences Division, NOAA, USA.  – Atmospheric science, airborne measurments

Thomas McElroy

Prof. C. Thomas McElroy, York University, Industrial Research Chair in Atmospheric Remote Sounding. Click here for more information.

Funding for this Program is Provided by NSERC.


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