Individuals accepted into the IACPES program will perform important research,  tackling complex atmospheric issues. Research will cover a diverse range of current issues in atmospheric science, from earth to space, where collaboration and integration provide a strategic advantage.  A few of these areas are described below.

  • Changes in the arctic atmosphere and arctic methane sources
  • Air quality/health issues of sensitive populations
  • Changes in the stratosphere brought on by CFC replacements
  • Exploration of atmospheres of other planets
  • Atmospheric  change
  • Implications of climate engineering
  • Other atmospheric issues of tomorrow that are unforeseen
  • Development of chemical transport models for prediction of climate change and air quality
  • Measurement of chemical species on a global scale via instrumentation on satellites
  • Understanding Mars’ atmosphere
  • Assessment of atmosphere changes brought on by alternate energy sources

Some projects undertaken by IACPES students

Funding for this Program is Provided by NSERC.


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