Summer Course in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Schedule of Lecturers 2015

Time                           Lecturer                                        Title
Tuesday May 26
8:30                            Prof. Jochen Rudolph                  Oxidation capacity of the atmosphere
9:45                            Prof. Donald Hastie                     Stratospheric chemistry
11:00                          Prof. Hans Osthoff                      Nitrogen oxide chemistry in the troposphere
Noon                          LUNCH
13:30                          Prof. Mark Gordon                      Measurement techniques  to calculate pollutant emissions
14:45                          Dr. Elisabeth Galarneau             Is source apportionment trustworthy? PAH’s and air toxics
16:00                          END

Wednesday May 27
8:30                            Prof. John Moores                       Introduction to the chemistry an physics of the atmosphere of Mars
9:45                            Prof. Baoxin Hu                           Introduction to remote sensing of the earth’s surface
11:00                          Prof. Rick Bello                            Sources of methane in the Hudson Bay Lowlands
Noon                          LUNCH
13:30                          Prof. Jennifer Murphy                Arctic air pollution
14:45                          Dr. John Liggio                            Secondary organic aerosol: Understanding through laboratory experiments
16:00                          END
17:00                          BANQUET DINNER – SCHULICH DINING ROOM

Thursday May 28
8:30                            Prof. James Whiteway                 The basics of atmospheric radiation and climate
9:45                            Prof. Regina Lee                           Atmospheric science mission on nano-satellites: Challenges and technology gap
11:00                          Prof. Christian Haas                    Arctic sea ice – Where are we headed?
Noon                          LUNCH
13:00                          Prof. Douw Steyn                        Ozone formation in the Lower Fraser Valley, past, present and future
14:00                           BREAK
14:30                          Dr. Steven Brown                        HAROLD I SCHIFF LECTURE – Winter atmospheric chemistry
16:00                          END