Summer Course in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Schedule of Lecturers 2016

Time                           Lecturer                                   Title
Tuesday, June 14
8:30                            Prof. Robert McLaren            Nighttime chemistry
9:45                            Prof. Donald Hastie               Oxidation chemistry
11:00                          Dr. Mike Wheeler                   Aerosol formation: sizes, sources, processes, and transport
Noon                          LUNCH
13:30                          Prof. Tom McElroy                 Ozone: from discovery to recovery
14:45                          Dr. Christina Smith                Planetary science
16:00                          END

Wednesday, June 15
8:30                           Prof. Jochen Rudolph             Use of stable isotope ratios
9:45                           Prof. Hans Osthoff                  Box modeling with the master chemical mechanism – user’s perspective
11:00                        Prof. Jennifer Murphy             Surface-atmosphere exchange and flux measurements
Noon                        LUNCH
13:30                        Dr. Leiming Zhang                   Atmospheric removal processes
14:45                        Dr. Sumi Wren                          Investigating atmospheric interfaces
16:00                        END
17:00                        BANQUET DINNER – SCHULICH DINING ROOM

Thursday, June 16
8:30                         Prof. Mark Gordon                  Mixing, emissions, and uptake within forest canopies?
9:45                        Dr. Paul Makar                          Recent developments in air-quality modelling at ECCC
11:00                      Prof. William Colgan                 Glaciers
Noon                     LUNCH
13:00                      Prof. Randall Martin                 Satellite remote sensing of air quality: methods and insight
14:00                     BREAK
14:30                     Prof. Dr. Ulrich Platt                 HAROLD I SCHIFF LECTURE – Quantification of volcanic gas emissions
16:00                     END

Funding for this NSERC CREATE IACPES Course in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) is provided by NSERC.